February 8, 2012

Greek Yogurt

Fab or Fad? 

The newest nutrition trend is spreading like wildfire. For something basically made by straining ordinary yogurt to remove the whey, resulting in a thicker, creamier and often tangy product, not bad. Greek yogurt is all the rage these days, but what makes it so popular?  

All yogurts deliver a good slug of probiotics – microorganisms reputed to aid digestion and boost the immune system. Yogurt in itself is rich in calcium, important for building strong bones and teeth. Besides all that, according to Walter Willett, a co-authors of a recent study on the effects of yogurt conducted by Harvard School of Public Heatlh, noted on National Public Radio that the active probiotic cultures in yogurt may be responsible for its famed weight loss powers and cancer prevention properties. In light of all that, North Americans are really starting to like the stuff.

So, what makes Greek Yogurt so special?

Maybe it’s because it packs a nutritious punch with a low number of calories. Really, this thick sensation does have roughly the same amount of calories as regular yogurt, but the difference is all in the protein. Containing double the protein it also cuts sugar content in half since straining off the whey removes lactose. Since we all know that protein is the magic word in weight loss because it takes longer to digest, and is more satisfying than ‘empty’ carbohydrates, it’s no wonder Greek yogurt is selling like hotcakes at local grocery stores.

If you do opt for Greek yogurt, take advantage of its versatility. Mix it with seasonings like garlic, dill, and parsley to create unique dips. With that tangy bite to it, it is perfect for replacing sour cream on tacos or even as a substitute for eggs and oil in baked goods.

So, is eating Greek Yogurt just a passing fad? Not according to recent studies. Greek yogurt is a great weight busting treat that is truly fab-fab-fabulous!


  1. Is this part of the same fad that lauded Mediterranean cuisine as one of the healthiest and the most slimming? Humm, food for thought!

  2. I would say so. It seems like things like this come and go and every food out there has its goods and bads. It does have more nutrients then other yogurt, but I wouldn't go as far to say it is the next weight-loss aid or anything.