March 15, 2012

Did You Say Healthy Party?

Recipes to make you next event lighter (in a good way)

Parties and Healthy foods are normally not two words you would put together in a sentence. But there are actually tasty and healthy food out there that are great for any event. Party foods with a healthy edge are a cornucopia of different flavors and textures. Wade out from under the grease laden fried food, and consider some healthier alternatives guests will be sure to appreciate.

Portobello Mushroom Steaks are a delicious alternative to beef steaks on the grill. These hearty mushrooms are full of flavor naturally and receive a boost of seasoning from an easy to make barbecue sauce. Portobello mushrooms add necessary carbohydrates and fiber while giving a protein boost, all necessary for energy and building muscle mass.

Healthy choices for side dishes and snacks are tasty and endless. Raw vegetable trays are always a perfect choice that satisfies the crunch partygoers desire. Baked crackers and pita chips add the next crisp factor. Cheezy Beany Spread is an excellent dip or spread that provides an excellent source of protein, vitamin C and E, iron, beta-carotene and calcium. Zesty garlic, lemon and roasted red bell pepper is the reason for this spread's terrific flavor.

Place a festive Aztec Salad next to all and guests have a feast for eyes, noses and tummies. Black beans, corn, onions and peppers marinate in a combination of spices and vinegars. The bold flavor of this salad is thanks to spices such as cumin, cilantro, coriander and red pepper. Guests will come back for second helpings just to look at the pretty colors.

Satisfy the sweet tooth every party guest has with some great alternatives to cookies, candy and cake. Popcorn is a flexible base for mixing with cereals, nuts, granola, cheese and spices. Play with naturally hot and sweet foods such as wasabi peas and raisins for an addictive flavor. Make a fruit salsa that has just enough heat to taste perfect with tortilla chips. Have fruit trays available with yummy yogurt dips.

Do not feel as if the only choice for a party is soda or alcoholic drinks. Create fun spritzers with carbonated water or ginger ale and unusual juices such as pomegranate juice. Garnish these drinks with pieces of fruit that will add color, punch and flavor that guests will delight over. Consider making smoothies for a party. Smoothies allow a host to provide a large variety of flavors and textures for their guests to drink.

Do not fall into the overindulgence trap of endless bowls of potato chips at the next party. Think of benefits ingredients in healthy alternatives provide. Introducing these healthy alternatives are going to help guests realize new ideas for their own healthful living.

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