April 4, 2012

The Dark-Side of Alternative Medicine:

How the demise of rhinos is linked to healing practices

As everyone knows, I am a fan of thinking outside the box and exploring different avenues of healing. I love showing easier or less stressful ways to heal and solve life’s everyday problems. BUT sometimes there are practices that I just cannot accept. And the use of Rhino horns is one of those.

I have known about this problem for years, and have followed many studies regarding the effects of rhino horn consumption; that of which are non- conclusive. They offer NO health benefits whatsoever and are seriously just as effective as biting one’s nails.

But now more media has been brought to highlight the global problem, because illegal killings have been skyrocketing. In South Africa, the number of illegally hunted rhinos has jumped from “122 in 2009 to 333 in 2010 and a record 448 in 2011. The country reported last week that 150 rhinos had already been poached this year, nearly 60 percent taken from Kruger National Park.”1

A NATIONAL PARK? Seriously, that is like hunting in a zoo or taking candy from a baby. Oh wait….That does happen! It is pretty sad when zoo officials do not feel safe for the rhinos that are protected 24/7. Many zoo workers in Vietnam say the still worry “for the animals' safety even though the zoo has 24-hour security.” It’s a sad day, when animals are not only not safe in their natural habitats, but not safe in the haven of a zoo.

And I know, by this point you are probably thinking “hunting in zoos, it couldn’t get anymore dirty, right? WRONG. Many poachers have turned to stealing to make a quick buck; and by buck I mean $25,000 a pound. “According to Europol, the European law enforcement agency, 72 rhino horns were stolen from 15 European countries in 2011.”2

Seriously…. You revert to stealing and hunting in a zoo just to make some quick money? I wouldn’t even consider yourself a man if you think that is a job well-done.

So why do people still inhumanely slay these endangered animals for “healing”. Two reasons: culture and greed. China has used the horn of a rhino for many healing practice; cupping, moxibustion, and other oral remedies. But now Vietnam is being blamed for the increased killing. This is due to the emphasis of wealth penetrating the Vietnamese culture.

Half of the time, the people know that there are no real benefits of using rhino horn, but the price value makes is seem good. “Many Vietnamese believe that anything expensive is good,” stated Nguyen Huu Truong, a doctor at Hanoi's Center for Allergy Clinical Immunology.

I don’t want to sound like I am bashing on someone’s healing practices or culture because I am a very cultural relative person, but I just wish that these disrespectful hunters can see that there is an easier way to make money and keep the flow going. And though my list might sound like I am advocating hunting, I’m not. But if you are going to set out to do that, be respectful and SMART, which most hunters are.

Dumb-Ass’s Guide To Smart Hunting:

Hunters’ Mistake:

Hacking off the rhinos’ horns to the point of mutilation that they die.
Which leads to extinction, which leads to no more rhinos, which leads to NO MORE MONEY. (Looks like you really thought this one through)

Hunters’ Solution:

Rhino horns grow back FULLY ever TWO years.
SO rocket scientists, instead of using chainsaws and other tools to hack them off to the point of no return, TRIM THEM. And then *BAM*! You have your horn, You have your money, The rhino is safe, The rhino STAYS ALIVE, and then you still have a job! Rinse, Rotate, Repeat….

1-2 http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/04/04/vietnam-rhino-horn_n_1402534.html?ncid=edlinkusaolp00000003


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